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Bay Supply is your trusted partner in not just designing but equipping your kitchen with the finest, state-of-the-art appliances and tools that are the lifeblood of the culinary industry. We source quality equipment tailored to your needs, offering you a gamut of options that suit every budget and requirement.

Moreover, we appreciate that a great kitchen evolves. As you grow, we are here to help you reassess, reconfigure, and equip your space to meet ever-changing demands, helping you stay abreast in a competitive landscape.

With Bay Supply, you get more than a supplier; you gain a partner dedicated to bringing your culinary vision to life, nurturing it from dreams to reality. Reach out to us to transform your commercial kitchen dreams into a tangible, functioning, vibrant reality — a place where culinary dreams come alive, plate by plate, day by day.

Let Bay Supply help you every step of the way as you carve out your niche in the culinary world, from proper space planning to procurement and beyond.

  • Proper space for restaurant equipment & food service operations are crucial and there are important factors to consider

  • Equipment brand & types can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Discover what long term planning is best.

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