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Turbo Air TCGB-60-W-B-N

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$27,242.00 $9,432.49

2 Year Warranty


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Modern Design

By harmonizing curvature and rigidness, our modern style product designs are user-friendly while maintaining the highest product visibility and aesthetics.


Non Refrigerated Dry Case Models Available


Refrigerated & Dry Case Combination Model Available


Environmentally Friendly, Efficient Refrigeration System

Turbo Air’s refrigerators are designed with oversized and balanced environmentally friendly R-134A (CFC Free) refrigeration. Theses include large evaporators and condensers for faster cooling and balanced temperature throughout the cabinet.


Attractive Curved Glass and Elegant Euro Design

Curved tempered front glass and minimal frame provide full product visibility to optimize display effects. Its elegant contemporary euro design and luxurious wine colored case will not only enhance any store atmosphere but also will keep product presentation at its best and beautiful.


Cantilevered Wired Shelves Adjustable Up and Down, Tilted


304 Stainless Steel Floor and Air Flow Grille


High-Density Polyurethane Insulation

The entire cabinet structure is foamed-in-place using high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation.


Self-Contained System, No Plumbing Required


Simple Plug-in Installation


Four Point Leveling System


Sliding Rear Doors for Product Loading and Unloading


Heavy Duty, White PE Coated Wire Shelves


Safety Shielded Top Fluorescent Light Lamp


Easy to Control Temperature and Light Switch


Rear Access of Compressor Compartment for Quick and Easy Service


Refrigerated Bakery Case Holds avg. 38°F ~ 43°F for Fresher Bakery Products


Recommended Operating Conditions

TCGB models are designed to operate in environments where temperature & humidity do not exceed 75°F and 55% relative humidity.

Additional information

Weight 754 lbs
Dimensions 34.25 × 60.5 × 50.12 in