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Food Service Equipment Purchasing

When buying restaurant and food service equipment you probably fall into one of three categories.

- Those that know what they want (as to brand,model #, size etc...)
- Those that think they know what they want (have some experience, have used a piece of equipment or a general idea of what they need)
- Those that don’t know what they need at all. (for a specific task,application or general cooking methodology)

Which ever category you fall into, we can probably teach you some “must knows” that will aid you in your purchasing. First and foremost is that not all things within the restaurant and food service equipment are what they seem. I can make this statement with some authority as i have been purchasing, selling, refurbishing and repairing equipment professionally for thirty five years.

First lets talk about refrigeration equipment. I will spend some time on modular equipment such as sandwich prep units, reach in refrigerators, pizza prep units, under counter refrigerators and freezers etc...

I have owned almost every manufacturer of these products available. The question is, or should be, which manufacturer should I buy? The answers are varied depending on application, but it boils down to “value versus dollars” in it’s truest form. In recent years I have seen the cost of these units rise dramatically. Some manufacturers take increases once and sometimes twice per year.

Having been in the restaurant equipment business my whole life, it appears that in most cases the price continually goes up, and the quality goes down. I see design changes that make the products more aesthetically pleasing, but the “nuts and bolts” quality we expect from, “commercial equipment” in many cases is just not there. I will continue in my next chapter with more about restaurant and food service refrigeration. For a personal no cost consultation call JD at 1-800-471-1121

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